Kayaking in Stockholm [April, 2016]

Kayaking in Stockholm

[Kayaking towards one of the many bridges in Stockholm. Photo: Erik Sjödin]

This photoset is from my first year of kayaking in Stockholm, most of the time with the skin-on-frame kayak I built at Slakthusatljéerna. Since I’m a beginner at kayaking I’m happy I built a rather wide kayak that doesn’t tip over easily. But now that I’m getting better at it I would like to have a somewhat slimmer and faster kayak that is easier to roll with. I’ve found most of the material I need to build one so hopefully I will get started soon. The photos are from Årstaviken in central Stockholm, which is close to where I live, as well as the lake Mälaren, and Stockholm archipelago, which both are connected to the waters in Stockholm city. The archipelago in particular is amazing to kayak in, but I think it’s fun and at times also adventurous to kayak in the city and Mälaren too. There are several kayaking clubs in Stockholm, and places where you can rent kayak, which in most cases is an easier and more economical alternative to having your own kayak and shipping it around.

Kayaking in Stockholm 2015

[Kayaking in Stockholm 2015. Photos: Erik Sjödin and Carl-Johan Rosén]