Dome and Tunnel Greenhouses [June, 2017]

Thomas's Greenhouse, Iceland 2017

[Thomas’s geodesic dome greenhouse in Iceland. Photos: Erik Sjödin]

Above is Thomas Pausz‘s geodesic dome greenhouse in Iceland. About an hour outside of Reykjavik. The dome has a nice vibe, and can handle snow and heavy wind. It’s not completely sealed and seems to regulate the climate well, not getting too hot or cold. Potentially wild bumblebees could learn to fly in and out on their own.

Below is a set of photos from the construction of a tunnel greenhouse on my dads old farm in Fellingsbro. Saving an old glass greenhouse for commercial growing was the original plan. But it’s too much work now that my dad is handicapped by an unknown arthritis like disease. The tunnel greenhouse fits on the foundation from the former glass greenhouse and has a good ceiling height.

Building a Greenhouse in Fellingsbro 2017

[Building a tunnel greenhouse in Fellingsbro. Photos: Erik Sjödin]

Both of these greenhouse are quite simple to build and much cheaper than glass greenhouses. What’s missing is a harmless biodegradable transparent plastic of some sort. How the plastic used in these greenhouses will fare over time remain to be seen. At least the micro plastics it might break into when UV radiation degrades it and it turns brittle won’t end up in the ocean. Hopefully the greenhouses will last for a decade or two and give some good tomato harvests.