Northern Bumbling, Norway Gathering [August, 2017]

Northern Bumbling at Losæter, Oslo 2017

[Northern Bumbling at Losæter, Oslo. Photos: Erik Sjödin]

Using the bakehouse and the surrounding grain field at Losæter as a model for a shared multi-species space, the self-organised Northern Bumbling art, research, and design network presented recent research and work in progress followed by a discussion around their various projects and practices.

Marius Presterud (Norway) presented functional art pieces used in his practice Oslo Apiary & Aviary.

Erik Sjödin (Sweden) presented ‘The Political Beekeeper’s Library’, an effort to collect, organise, and activate books where parallels are drawn between how bees and humans are socially and politically organised.

Thomas Pausz (Iceland) showed ritualistic artefacts to interact with nature beyond utilitarianism.

The Northern Bumbling network, and the individual work of the participants in the project, is supported in part by Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point and the Swedish-Icelandic Co-operation Fund, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, and the Norwegian Culture Council.